Monday, November 14, 2011

To Keep Love Fresh

A Darkness So Large
Caroline Gormley

At night the west is still gloaming with a darkness so large the porch turns red. Its voice I am finding unchanged: the same shirts folded. Creaks shift one room over. How that morning still exists,  is a place we can visit. I see it: A calendar, the calendar hung by Caroline's hands.To keep love fresh, share a plum. This rough magic thread-count lost. What's a girl got to do for some luminous body. The subject shifts from one room over. Ah there, there. A hand-covered mouth I here abjure.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Veiled Views

Monument Valley, Utah, USA 1997 AndrĂ© Thijssen


Jessica Elsaesser, from her series Oddments

How a passing
Leaves you
Bleached by it,
A white tree
Among the others
As though this
Were not the
Taking of something
From you,
But a mark,
One that spreads
Abating what you were
Before replacing you,
Your memories like
Petrified wood that
Has been stone
So very long.